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Tijuana Bibles

Commonly known as "Tijuana Bibles" or "Eight Pagers" these erotic short stories were a graphic "dirty book" staple from the times of Prohibition. Bawdy, bodacious and blisteringly funny as well as blazingly sexual, these ribald strips from the seamy, steamy side of the underground are just the thing for fanciers of classic filth as well as those jaded by contemporary offerings. Combining crude wit, the likenesses of famous actors and actresses of the day, and a heap of eye-popping smut action, these classic erotic treasures are the often-forgotten dark side to graphic storytelling as well as testaments  to the eternal quest for nookie! From the oo-la-la lustiness of "Marie the French Maid" to filthy frolics of "Uncle Bim and Millie", these erotic collections are guaranteed to tickle more than your funny bone! These collections of rare, if not impossible to find strips from America's Golden-Age gutter are fine and filthy additions to any comics library - one look and you'll see why!



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