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Brownfield press is dedicated to publishing the best in alternative style cartooning.

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Please print your order clearly on a sheet of paper and make sure your address is included with your order. I would prefer that you send cash. If you need to send a check or money order it is important that you make it out to Michael Dowers. You must include $2.00 postage for 1-4 books ordered. 5 books or more include $4.00 for postage. Canadian orders must include $3.00 for 1-4 books and $5.00 for 5 or more books. Foreign orders must include $6.00 postage for 1-4 books and $12.00 for 5 or more books. Australia, you are very expensive to ship to, please include a few dollars more if you want your stuff sent by air. Otherwise it will be sent by boat. Most orders are sent first-class postage.

Please address all orders to Brownfield Press, P.O. Box 30044, Seattle Wa. 98103